Waist Training Belts

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Our waist trainer belts are soft and comfortable, worn underneath your garments during a workout session. The belt speeds up sweating and the loss of stubborn belly fat – a great for removing inches from your waistline!


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Apart from compressing the abdominal region and causing intense sweating, the belt will also give exercisers are a bit of ab and back support. Using such accessories is great for the ones that do weight and resistance training because the risk of injuries is minimized significantly.

  • Considers slim body figure/ shapes
  • Made of a lightweight fabric that has superior insulating qualities (Comfortable, padded and soft)
  • The inner lining prevents the absorption of moisture, which intensifies the sweating even further.
  • Effective and more comfortable to use during a vigorous workout.
  • This belt is adjustable and it’s suitable for use by individuals with waist size of up to 42 inches. Thus, the same accessory is equally good for use by men and women.


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